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USB3.0 SanDisk USB Flash Drives 256GB Pen Drive Ultra Flair Pendrive Real Capacity 64GB 32GB pendriver 128GB memoria Metal Stick



U Disks using A+Flash chips,Fast speed and stable transfer

Speed: USB3.0

Compatibility For Macs and PCs

Power No external power required

Drivers Plug and Play compatible

System: Windows Vista®, Windows®7,Windows®8,Windows®8.1,Mac OS X 10.6.6-10.9 and above

Great for Computer,Car Audio,Speaker,Blu-ray Player.

Five Level Protections:Waterproof,Shockproof,Dustproof,Antimagnetic,Anti-static.

About capacity:

32GB=approximately 28GB-30GB

64GB=approximately 58GB-60GB

128GB=approximately 115GB-120GB

256GB=approximately 224GB-240GB

This is calculation difference between manufacturer(1GB=1000MB) and our PC(1GB=1024MB), please Google usb flash drive capacity to get more information