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PiDOCK 400–Raspberry Pi 400 Compatible Dock & Display


The PiDOCK 400 is an innovative Raspberry Pi 400 compatible dock and display that seamlessly integrates with your device to enhance your computing experience. It’s a perfect companion for tech enthusiasts as it turns your Raspberry Pi 400 into a portable workstation.

The PiDOCK 400 features a slim, sleek design that perfectly houses your Raspberry Pi 400, providing a neat and organized look. It’s equipped with I/O ports that allow various peripheral connections, enabling the user to convert Raspberry Pi 400 into a full-fledged desktop.

Furthermore, the PiDOCK 400 offers a built-in display that delivers crisp and clear images. The display supports multiple resolutions, ensuring your view is always perfect, whether you’re coding, gaming, or browsing.

What sets the PiDOCK 400 apart is its portability. Designed with a compact form factor, you can carry it effortlessly to school, work, or anyplace you wish, transforming any space into your personal workspace.

Revolutionize your digital experience with the PiDOCK 400 – where innovation meets convenience.