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RIGHT Hand Controller for Oculus Quest 2 JD96CX * NEW & GENUINE *


Experience an extraordinary level of immersion with this RIGHT-handed controller for the Oculus Quest 2 JD96CX. This is not just any regular controller, it’s a genuine, brand-new product direct from Oculus. Engineered to perfectly complement your Oculus Quest 2, this controller is designed to impress the most demanding gamers.

Set yourself up for unprecedented gaming with its ergonomic design, ensuring comfort during marathon gaming sessions. Complete with intuitive controls that capture your every gesture, it will make navigating virtual reality incredibly smooth. From controlling objects with meticulous precision to throwing punches in the virtual reality immersive gaming world, your movements translate into the game with astounding realism.

No need to worry about durability, this controller is crafted with robust materials to withstand intense gaming. It also comes with a battery-powered operation, so you can dive into extended VR sessions without worrying about power loss.

Don’t settle for less, elevate your gaming experience to new heights with this RIGHT-hand Oculus Quest 2 JD96CX controller. An essential addition to every Oculus Quest 2, it’s not just a controller, it’s your gateway to unparalleled virtual reality exploration. Grab yours now and step into the game!