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3.5″ Inch Touch Screen Monitor LCD Display 480×320 For Raspberry Pi 4+ Case+ Pen


Enhance your Raspberry Pi experience with our incredible 3.5″ Inch Touch Screen Monitor LCD Display. It features a resolution of 480×320, delivering crystal clear, vibrant images for your projects or media. The touchscreen capability allows for effortless ease of use; straightforwardly touch your way around the interface to optimize your mini PC operations.

This Monitor LCD Display is specifically designed for Raspberry Pi 4 models, ensuring perfect compatibility and seamless integration with your device. The device comes with a strong, protective case crafted to offer excellent support and robust safeguards against accidental falls, knocks, or scratches. Its sleek design celebrates modernity, making it a stylish addition to your tech gear.

Our package includes a specially designed pen for increased precision. This fine-tipped pen promises smooth navigation on the touch screen, ensuring you never miss a detail when working on intricate projects.

Make your Raspberry Pi tasks more interactive and enjoyable with our 3.5″ Inch Touch Screen Monitor LCD Display. Whether you are a programmer, a tech enthusiast, or a beginner experiencing Raspberry Pi, this intuitive, well-built monitor is devised to enrich your interactions and overall user experience.