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SUPER LASER POINTER USB Magnetic Rechargeable ~ Silver ~ Cat Red UV Flashlight


SUPER ~~ Flashlight / Laser Pointer / UV Light / Magnetic Tip ~ 4-In-1 ~~ 

*STYLISH PEN DESIGN* w/Magnetic Tip in Metallic Silver Case! 

4 Functions:  FlashlightPresentation laser pointer or pet toy, UV light for detection, and Magnetic Tip~~

This is a great toy keeping your cats entertained and exercised time after time! Come with other features too ~

  • Travel companion and great for outdoor activities like camping, fishing & hiking
  • Great Interactive toy — there is no easier way to play or exercise your cat than with these handheld light pointers
  • Your pet will be thrilled and engaged ~ this pocket-toy will capture your pets interests time after time!             
  • USB rechargeable — Built-in USB plug              
  • ON/OFF switch design — you don’t need to hold the button down all the time — just one push does the job! 
  • Magnetic Tip ~~ handy to stick to metal surface for hard to reach places            
  • Lighting function — red point, LED and UV light — use it as a handy flashlight!            
  • Safe and Convenient — This multi-functional interactive lighting toy is safe to use and harmless w/o directly pointing to your pets’ eyes