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Sony PlayStation PS VR Camera – Motion Controller 2 For PlayStation 4 Fedex F/S


Immerse yourself in a whole new world of gaming with the Sony PlayStation PS VR Camera – Motion Controller 2 for PlayStation 4. This amazing package includes a state-of-the-art VR camera and two motion controllers, all engineered to deliver an incredibly realistic virtual reality experience.

The PS VR camera tracks the 3D depth of the motion controllers, capturing every movement with precision. This ensures your virtual movements are as intuitive, responsive and lifelike as in the real world. Its wide-angle dual lenses and 3D depth sensing technology ensure that your virtual and physical worlds are perfectly in sync.

Meanwhile, the two motion controllers transform your gestures into game actions. Swing a sword, toss a grenade, or reach out to touch and manipulate objects – the game responds with lifelike feedback. The controllers are expertly designed, featuring a comfortable grip, handy buttons, and a vibrant light sphere that enhances tracking accuracy.

The Sony PlayStation PS VR Camera – Motion Controller 2 for PlayStation 4 is your game-changing device for the most immersive VR gaming experience yet. Developed with Sony’s renowned technology and attention to detail, it ensures a seamless and highly realistic connection to your virtual gaming worlds.

Shipped via Fedex, you can rest assured knowing your product will reach you safe and sound. Free shipping (F/S) is included for your convenience. Get ready to revolutionize your gaming experience with this spectacular Sony PlayStation VR bundle.