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Raspberry Pi Wall Adapter Power Supply – 5.1VDC, 3.0A, 15.3W (USB-C)


This Raspberry Pi Wall Adapter Power Supply is your ultimate power solution for your Raspberry Pi projects. With 5.1V DC and 3.0A output, it delivers a robust 15.3 Watt power. It is specifically designed to provide consistent power to Raspberry Pi models which utilize a USB-C connector for power input.

Equipped with an integrated 18 AWG cable for sturdy connection and lasting performance, this adapter guarantees superior power delivery to keep your Raspberry Pi, and its attached peripherals, running smoothly. Whether you’re programming, doing intricate data processing tasks, or running a media center, you can trust this adapter to provide the reliable power your Raspberry Pi needs.

The sleek design of this power adapter is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also saves precious desk or workspace, making it a convenient plug-and-play solution for both hobbyists and pros.

Invest in quality, stability, and reliability with the Raspberry Pi Wall Adapter Power Supply. It’s a small component with a critical role, and with it, you’ll experience enhanced performance from your Raspberry Pi like never before.