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Yottamaster 5 Bay Hard Drive Enclosure Type-C USB3.1 (GEN2) External HDD Enclosure Support 2.5″/3.5″ SATA SSD 270TB Data Storage



About this item

【USB C Daisy Chain – 270TB Monster Capacity】

This 5 bay usb c hard drive enclosure supports 5 hard drives with a maximum capacity of 90 TB(18TBX5). Use the dual USB-C Gen2 (10Gbps) ports to daisy chain two additional peripheral devices (except main device), which means the whole capacity could reach up to a monster 270TB enterprise-class storage capacity in total.

【10 Gbps Ultra-fast Speed】

This 5 bay type c hdd enclosure adopts USB3.1 GEN2(Type-C) protocol with a transfer rate up to 10Gbps (Max). Note: The speed will vary from the different performance of hard drive and computer host. Applicapable to Windows, Mac OS and Linux devices.

【For 2.5"/3.5" HDD & SSD】

Yottamaster 5 bay external hard drive enclosure has FIVE mental removable trays, fiting both 2.5" SSDs where speed matters most and 3.5" HDDs when it's important to maximize the storage capacity. The hard drives are fixed by provided screws, which can effectively be against shock and interface damage.

【Full Aluminum Body & 80mm Silent Fan】

Yottamaster usb c hard drive enclosure is made of all aluminum. It not only provides a stable&solid structure while running, and ensures a long term use. Plus an 80mm silent fan, meteor cooling holes on front and rear panel and the ultra cool aluminum casing to keep your drives cool and safe during long hours of running.

【Daisy Chain for More Possibility & Flexibility】

The 5 bay usb c drive enclosure allows you to daisy chain a second or third external devices for extra workspace/storage capacity. For versatile working needs and allows you to handle your workflow in a fastest speed. With the indicator lights, you can easily know the working status of your hard drive by one glimpse.

【Important Note 1】

The enclosure will enter into sleep after 10min of data inactivity-the function can be adjusted/cancelled. Use our firmware or the third-party software, like Amphetamine/KeepAliveHD/Prevent Disk Sleep (You can set it to write to your drive a 1kb noted file every 5 minutes. The device will no longer enter sleep mode.) .

【Important Note 2】

For non-raid version enclosure, please set up RAID with the tools in your system, for example, Mac OS system, set up raid with RAID Assistant in Disk Utility. The RAID software in the official website is for RAID enclosures only.



A single hard disk can support 16TB, which can support a total of 80TB of ultra-high-volume storage.

Higher Order Master Control HDD SSD House

Adopt the industry-core engineering chip JMS578, with JMB394 dual-chip design, Good transmission performance and stability


Product Design


7 Kinds of Hardware RAID Modes

Convenient Hardware RAID Modes Make Data Management Easier and Safer

10min Intelligent Sleep HDD SSD Enclosure

Very Important Information!!! – How to Cancel Sleep Mode???

Windows System:

Go to our Official Website ( and find this page: Home >> Let us Help you >> Software & Manual & Firmware.

Find the specified fimware, the firmware name is: FS4C3 FS5C3–Cancel Auto-sleep Function

There are detailed step-by-step instructions in the downloaded file, please follow the instructions to complete the firmware update.

Mac System:

Firmware for Mac systems is still in development.

Mac users please use the third-party software, like Amphetamine/KeepAliveHD/Prevent Disk Sleep. You can set it to write to your drive a 1kb noted file every 5 minutes. The device will no longer enter sleep mode.


150W Large Powerful Support for Data Transfer

Meet Multi-Bay Electricity Demand Ensure Stable Data Transfer


Built with a heat-dissipating aluminum enclosure, a whisper-quiet fan, help to rapid cooling.


Widely Compatible
Fully compatible with different specifications,

2.5" & 3.5" INCH HDD/SSD hard disk


Details of 5 Bay RAID Enclosure

Feature1: With four vibration-absorbing & non-slip feet.
Feature2: 5 indicator lights monitor the status of each disk.
①Blue light: Power on
②Blue light flashing: Reading &writing
③Red light: Hard drive error
Feature3: For easy HDD/SSD installation
Feature4: User-friendly design, making it easily to install and uninstall.

SATA HDD SSD Easy To Install

The Hard Drives Are Fixed By Provided Screws, Which Can Effectively Be Against Shock And Interface Damage.


SATA HDD SSD Enclosure Packaging List

You Can Choose The EU / US / UK / AU Plug Version for The Power Adapter.

Notes for Daisy-chain (Model: FS5C3)
(1) Please backup your data first to avoid data loss caused by formatting the hard drive.
(2) Each device needs to be connected to an AC power supply separately. "Main" port refers to the main data transfer port and "HUB" port is the serial port.
(3) Connect the computer and the "Main" portof the enclosure(device 1) with the supplied data cable.
(4) Connect the "HUB" port of the enclosure (device 1) to the "Main" port of the enclosure (device2) with the C to C data cable.
(5) And if you need to connect one more device, repeat step 4 to complete the connection.