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Woojer Vest Edge Hi-FI Haptic Vest Games Music Movies VR WJRVE101 – Black


Experience games, movies, and music like never before with the Woojer Vest Edge Hi-Fi Haptic Vest. Designed to elevate your multimedia experience, this high-tech vest takes you right into the heart of the action by providing immersive, haptic feedback in response to the audio.

The Woojer Vest Edge comes in a sleek black design, and it pairs perfectly with virtual reality setups, making your VR experiences feel much more realistic and intense. It uses powerful transducers and amplifiers to create a unique, multisensory experience you can feel.

Engineered with high-end stereo haptics, this vest brings every boom, crash, and tremor to life right on your body. Experience the thrill of every bass note and explosion as if you are truly in the middle of it all.

Meanwhile, its battery-powered system ensures hours of uninterrupted use for long gaming sessions, movie marathons, or music listening.

The vest is also designed with comfort in mind. It’s adjustable, fitting snugly on various body types for optimal performance. And with its lightweight material, you’ll hardly feel its presence while immersing yourself in your favorite entertainment.

Take your gaming, music, or movie experience to the next level with the Woojer Vest Edge Hi-Fi Haptic Vest WJRVE101 – Black. Because with Woojer, you don’t just listen to the sound. You feel it.