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Sony PlayStation CUHJ-16001 PS VR Bundle Virtual Reality For PS4 Game Camer Box


Experience gaming like never before with the Sony PlayStation CUHJ-16001 PS VR Bundle Virtual Reality for PS4. This immersive virtual reality system offers a whole new level of excitement for PlayStation 4. With this VR technology, you can revolutionize your gaming experience by stepping into a whole new world in your favorite PS4 games.

The package includes everything you need to begin your virtual reality adventures: a PlayStation VR headset, a PlayStation camera, and a bundle of VR games.

The PlayStation VR headset has been designed to be as comfortable as possible ensuring the ultimate gaming sessions. Immerse in extraordinary virtual reality experiences with the PlayStation camera that tracks every movement, allowing you to interact with your virtual surroundings in real time.

The included VR games provide an array of experiences to dive into – from heart-racing action adventures to mysterious quests that will keep you guessing. So, step into a new reality with Sony PlayStation’s CUHJ-16001 VR Bundle Virtual Reality for PS4, where you do not just play, but also live the game. Grab your game camera box now and immerse yourself in a world of gaming like no other.