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Keyestudio Raspberry Pi 4WD Robot Car Kit 5 Megapixels Camera Module Python Programming DIY Projects Kit For Raspberry Pi 4B

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Note :This item is NO RPI 4B Board and 18650 Battery

This is an intelligent identification car for learning Raspberry Pi hardware control and Al. Al plays a critical role in science and technology.As electronic DlY enthusiasts, it is necessary to learn artificial intelligence.

And the smart recognition car with the Raspberry Pi camera we rolled out immensely cultivates and stimulates learners' imagination and creativity.This kit includes numerous electronic modules, actuators, sensors, displays, communication modules and so on. On top of that, this smart car can perform objects identification, tracking and color, face and QR code recognition.

Basic functions:

Line tracking

Ultrasonic following

Ultrasonic avoidance

IR remote control

Camera shooting

Special functions:

QR code recognition

Face identification

Handwritten numbers recognition

Color identification and tracking

Gesture identification

Tutorial : �