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ELEGOO Mercury XS Bundle w/ Separate Washing and Curing Station for Large Models


ELEGOO Mercury XS Bundle is an innovative device perfect for all hobbyists, professionals, and artists who need a separate washing and curing station for large models. This special merchandise includes both a washing and curing station, providing a complete post-processing solution for your 3D printed models.

Our washing station can effectively remove uncured resin from your prints, eliminating the need to clean your models manually. It provides thorough and uniform cleaning with its powerful 360-degree ultrasonic cleaning feature. On the other hand, the curing station ensures that your models cure properly for optimal final results. It comes equipped with a turntable that revolves and angles light to reach all parts of the models, ensuring a thorough and complete cure.

These machines accommodate larger models, perfect for projects that require more space than traditional 3D resin printers allow. They are also designed with simplicity and safety in mind. With merely a touch of a button, you can activate their operations, and the lids prevent harmful UV light from escaping during the curing process.

With ELEGOO Mercury XS Bundle, you can forget about the messy and time-consuming post-processing tasks, allowing you to be more productive in creating, designing, and perfecting your 3D models. Enjoy high-quality, professional-grade results at a fraction of the cost with this convenient and easy-to-use washing and curing station.