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Exciting Tech Gadgets That You Didn’t Know You Needed

# Exciting Tech Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Every day, we witness technology evolving and discove many new devices that make our lives easier and more interesting. This article is going to introduce you some of the coolest tech gadgets that you probably didn’t know you needed.

## Echo Show 10

The Echo Show 10 is one of the most intriguing tech gadgets of this year. Launched by Amazon, Echo Show 10 is a standalone home assistant with a 10-inch screen. It is equipped with Alexa, which allows you to control your smart home, watch video content, make video calls and check your security cameras around the house while you’re away. This device stands out because of its inbuilt feature to rotate along with you, keeping you in frame during all of your video calls and when watching content.

## Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

If you’re tired of your hot beverage going cold before you can finish it, then the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is what you need. This smart mug allows you to set the exact temperature you wish your beverage to maintain, ensuring every sip is as heavenly as the first one. It pairs with a smartphone app that sends you a notification once your drink has reached the ideal temperature.

## Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is a handy device for anyone who often misplaces their important items like keys, wallets or phones. This small-sized gadget can be attached to almost anything, and you can find your lost items through the Tile app in a snap.

## Anker Wireless Charger

In this era, when every device from your phone to earbuds requires charging, Anker Wireless Charger comes as a savior. This high-speed charger can power your devices 30% faster when compared with a standard wireless charger. The best part? No wire tensions.

## Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifying Fan Heater

A fan, heater, and purifier in one, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifying Fan Heater is technological brilliance. Its air purifying feature works year-round, capturing allergens and pollutants from your home’s air. Additionally, it distributes purified, heated air in the winter, and a refreshing breeze during the summer.

Feeling excited about these gadgets already? Each of these tech gadgets offer a unique set of features designed to make our lives a bit easier and intriguing. Every day, new technologies are emerging, bringing with them the promise of simplifying everyday tasks. The right gadget could be the extra hand you need to keep everything under control.